package hirondelle.movies.util.ui;

import static javax.swing.WindowConstants.DO_NOTHING_ON_CLOSE;
import static javax.swing.WindowConstants.HIDE_ON_CLOSE;
import static javax.swing.WindowConstants.DISPOSE_ON_CLOSE;
import static javax.swing.WindowConstants.EXIT_ON_CLOSE;

 Enumeration of various close operations.
 <P>Use of such an enumeration provides a clearer and safer alternative to using 
 the members of {@link javax.swing.WindowConstants}.
  <P>It is important to note that 
  {@link javax.swing.JDialog#setDefaultCloseOperation(int)} allows for 
  only 3 of these operations. It does not allow for {@link #EXIT}. 
public enum OnClose {
   Return the integer value of the corresponding constant in {@link javax.swing.WindowConstants}.
  public int getIntValue(){ return fOption; }
  /** Only private constructors should be used with enumerations. */ 
  private OnClose(int aUnderlyingOption){
    fOption = aUnderlyingOption;
  private int fOption;